How to be a Steady Investor in Turbulent Times is an important message about the economic season we are heading into.  This message should only be watched after viewing The Coming Storm because that is a more important and foundational message.   The investment ideas discussed in this video should only be considered after those prior steps have been taken.

That being said, you’ll notice that while most investors have lost money since this message was given in Mid-March, you would have done quite well by implementing these ideas.  Interestingly, we believe that we sit in a very similar situation today in Mid July as we did back then in Mid-March, so we believe this information is very timely.  Please, understand that this is informational only and should not be considered personal financial advice.

The full length of the How to be a Steady Investor in Turbulent Times video is about 65 mintues and you’ll definitely want to watch the entire presentation. Due to the length, we’ve broken the video into 2 parts…so after you finish watching a session, just scroll down to the next video and click Play.

Our goal is that you receive significant value from the information provided. Now that you are a subscriber, you’ll have access to even more live events like this over the course of the coming year. Enjoy!

Part 2

We hope you enjoyed the video! Over the course of the past year, we have sensed God’s leading to prepare Christians to the economic storm that is approaching. In an effort to educate Christians on all types of financial matters, including how to align your financial decisions with God’s intention for our lives, we’ve created a foundation building process called Your Fruitful Tree.

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