Infinite Banking Overview – an introduction to the wealth building philosophy of how to use banking principles in your own life (without the expense of opening a brick and mortar bank)  Decide which of the 10 videos to play by scrolling on the right panel.

  1. Banking for Businesses – Valuable ideas on how to use this concept if you’re a business owner
  2. Banking Process – How does banking really work?
  3. The Truth about Interest – How much money are you REALLY paying in interest?
  4. Banks vs. Insurance – What is the difference between putting your money with someone else’s bank vs “banking” with your own life insurance policies?
  5. The Human Element – Do you have what it takes to be successful in building wealth
  6. Permanent Life Insurance – What is it and how does it work?
  7. Impact of Taxes – What is the best way to avoid paying taxes on your investments?
  8. Automobile Financing – How to enjoy a lifetime of new cars while profiting as the financing company (instead of paying through the nose)
  9. Starting a Leasing Company – A Primer on how to use your new banking business by lending to others (of course, you could go far beyond these examples!)