The most gratifying experience here at Kingdom Calling is to see our clients start to understand the importance of aligning their own financial management practices with Christ-centered stewardship.

Here are a few of their comments…


Thank you so much for all that you have taught me.  I believe the Lord has definitely put you in my life to help me fulfill my calling.  I wanted to show my appreciation for your ministry by giving to you.  I hope that you and your family have a Merry Christmas.

– Chris Partain

Working with Wes, I was able to eliminate all my unsecured debt in a year and create a personal budget that will assist me in starting my own business.  I feel financially secure and as though I have more money.  I am very pleased now that I am strategically placing my money to sow and reap what God wants to bless in my life and the lives of others.

– Liz Reyna

It has been a great experience to work with Wes and the Kingdom Calling team to get a better understanding of our finances. This is not your normal “financial planning”. It’s a whole new approach that seems to really make sense and allow those that go through it to really make an impact on their future. There are quite a few things we never understood about how some people can make money following the standard principles that we have all learned from our parents and the world around us. Now that we understand that those people have not been following the status quo, it has all started to make sense to us. The Steward’s Calling has helped us see the parts of the picture that we have been missing all this time. They encourage us to think about what our personal goals in life are and empower us to actually take steps toward those goals. Wes has been instrumental in not only facilitating the process, but he has walked in lock-step with us, to help educate us and encourage us, every step of the way.

– Paul Turner

Before meeting with Wes, we had a minimal knowledge of our finances.  We knew how how much money we had and how much savings we had but we had no idea how we could put that to work for us now instead of waiting for retirement.  The Steward’s Calling Program has been integral in educating us and showing us what finance oppurtunities can look like today and how a mentality that has been passed down through the generations has not only hindered our decision making but in some ways, it has hurt us in not knowing all the potential that is out there to create wealth now.  Not one time have we regretted signing up for this program and we are excited in looking toward what the future will bring forth.  Thank you for everything you have done for Paul and I!! 🙂

-Jana Turner

Thanks Wes for all your help.  Before starting the Steward’s Calling process with you, Suzie and I were doing pretty well using traditional financial planning ideas.  But as we were contemplating a major transition, we had a lot of uncertainty over whether or not these traditional methods would provide for us in the way that we needed them to.  We still have a ways to go in the Steward’s Calling process, but already we are seeing our financial circumstances and opportunities in a whole new way, and are seeing that we have possibilities that we never considered before.  This includes much higher level of protection and investment opportunities through the Accredited Network that are much more attractive than the traditional tools we were using before.

More importantly, going through this process with you has given Suzie a new perspective when it comes to all things financial.  She used to dread the conversation and it would become really tense.  Now there’s a lot of hope and a growing freedom.  I see God working through this process to answer prayers… bringing hope that our life can be more about our God-given purpose than just living well.

-Kenny & Suzie Martin