Tax Free Growth Can Come Cheap

Tax Free Growth might seem impossible these days or it might seem like it comes with huge restrictions (such as a small annual Roth IRA limit on contributions)  But tax free growth can come cheap if you know how to do it.  We’ve been speaking about fixed index universal life insurance which allows you to…


Stock Markets Will End 2012 Lower

It’s a difficult call to say that the stock market will be lower at the end of 2012.  There are some serious factors on the side of higher as well as lower values.  On Wednesday, we explained some of the reasons why we think 2012 will be another extremely volatile year for the markets. Today,…


Stock Markets Will See Continued Volatility in 2012

Did you know that the US stock markets ended slightly up last year?  It probably didn’t feel that way to you though.  And we don’t mean to say that they were up a lot…they were simply barely up.  But the way they ended gives a totally different picture of the ride to get there.  We’re…


Signs the US Economy is Falling Hard?

The US Economy is quickly deteriorating.  Economic indicators across the board show the US is slipping into another recession (although statistically, we never grew our way out of the last one).  This video explains what’s going on and where it will go next.  We’re continuing a  series of videos which can be found here. Today,…


Where’s the Economy Headed Next?

The economy is turning.  For a couple years now its been struggling along with a limp, but its now fallen to its knees.  Will the economy get back to its feet?  Or will it collapse in its own drool?  This is our first economic update video in a while, but you can see the last…


Economic Update Video – Real Estate, Food Crises, etc

This economic outlook video looks into factors affecting the world & US economy as well as the  real estate market.  You can find all the economic update videos here.  In this economic update, we update you on multiple issues involving real estate such as President Obama’s plan for mortgages, the US records being set in…


Economic Outlook & Stock Market Indicators Video – Pt 2

This economic outlook video looks into factors affecting the world & US economy as well as the stock market.  You can find part one here.  In this economic update, we look at factors such as investor & economist outlook, US exposure to the problems in Europe, employment, world food prices, strange animal deaths, the situation…


Stock Market & Economic Update

The stock market is in a bull run.  Will it last?  This economic update is intended to quickly catch you up on the most important factors of the last month which affect the stock market and is part three of a six part series of Economic Update Videos.  Some of the factors we discuss here…


Blue Chip Investing

Blue Chip investing is something that everyone should understand.  We’ve been discussing asset management in a crazy economy.  Blue chip investing should be a component you carefully consider in addition to the international equities we discussed on Monday.


International Investing for Safety & Security?

International investing is foreign to most Americans.  We’ve been discussing asset management in a crazy economy.  In the last post we looked at commodities as an investment.  As we said, most US investors only invest in US Markets.  The advantage to this is that they inherently know US markets and companies better.  The disadvantage is…