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Continuing our discussion from yesterday, the growth in the United States national deficit and money supply foreshadow difficulty for the Dollar.

As the Dollar supply increases, the value of our Dollars decreases

We’ve been looking at factors which could lead to the destruction of Americans’ wealth and purchasing power.  Today, we’ll look at these two factors.

The National [...]

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Money in America

by Wes Bridel on July 2, 2010

in Stewardship

Money can be many different things.  We began yesterday discussing the history of money and will now look at this history within the United States.  When the United States Constitution was written, it gave Congress the right to “Mint Money”.  Every intelligent person knew that to be a valid currency, it must be backed by [...]

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We’re looking at changing the Financial Advisor: About Wes Bridel page and several others of the site.  When we first put up the site, I hired people to help me and they basically wrote what they wanted to.  This is my attempt to quickly tell my story (in 3rd person!) in a more relevant way.  [...]


The Way

by Wes Bridel on January 12, 2010

in Introduction to Kingdom Calling

Stewardship is more than simply making “good” decisions and financial stewardship is more than simply making good spending, saving, and investing decisions.  Stewardship is the core responsibility that God has given you to live out the life He calls you to.  Money is both one of the biggest tools of temptation in your life and [...]


This Blog: Moving Forward

by Wes Bridel on November 20, 2009

in Random Musings

As I mentioned in a post a few days ago, we’re moving!  We’re changing our web address from
We are making this switch on November 23rd.
Important: if you are an RSS Feed Reader, your feed may be interrupted on November 23rd.  To continue receiving this blog feed, you may need to go sign up again [...]


Should a Christian Tithe?

by Wes Bridel on October 20, 2009

in Stewardship, Tithes & Offerings

Let’s add a few words about tithing that have come up since we last wrote on the subject. We’re going to address a couple of issues which have come up where maybe we didn’t fully cover them before. We’ve had a few people asking two major questions and while we’ve somewhat answered these [...]


Eternal Riches

by Wes Bridel on April 27, 2009

in Stewardship

Just as Jesus taught spiritual principles using the example of being responsible to multiply our wealth, He also taught us to watch out for spiritual traps  – again using money as an example.   In both cases, these principles apply to money and to other areas of life as well.
In the story we related Friday, neither [...]


Jesus’ Teaching About Prosperity

by Wes Bridel on April 23, 2009

in Stewardship

We will start with Jesus’ own teachings, then look more closely at the teachings of the Apostles and draw some conclusions concerning prosperity in the Kingdom of God and in the world.
We will not study this topic exhaustively, but will try to get at the essence.
In Jesus’  time on earth, He never evaded the topic [...]


On Prosperity

by Wes Bridel on April 16, 2009

in Stewardship

Does God want you to enjoy so much Prosperity that you need a private jet to travel to each of your luxurious mansions?  Are prosperity teachers Happy Fun-Fun Loons who don’t understand the Suffering that is called for in those devoted to the Cross?  Or is the truth somewhere in the middle?
For the next week [...]


Five Facets of Money

by Wes Bridel on April 15, 2009

in Stewardship

1.    Money is a power in the natural as well as in the spiritual. It can be a power over us if we allow it to be our idol, or it can be a great power for us to do His work or enjoy as He would have us to.  It is basically neutral in [...]