Your Fruitful Tree Process: What is it?

Your Fruitful Tree is a process designed to educate & equip you and your family to bring to fruit the true purpose & dreams of your family while protecting you from the treacherous headwinds & hurricanes of life. Towards this end, we use a five step process to help you determine the right steps to…


We’ve moved

It seemed like we should make a quick post to let you all know that we’ve moved.  We’ve still got alot of sorting to do, but Kingdom Calling is now in a new building. If you’d like to stop by, we’re in the One Far West Building.  This might not be a permanent home.  The…


Hyperinflation, Deflation & the Currency War

Hyperinflation is a horrible disaster. Will is strike the US?  Deflation is a grinding economy killer.  Will this be our fate?  Today’s video is an Update on hyperinflation, deflation, & currency wars.  Most of the world has undertaken policies to debase their own currencies at the expense of their own poor and middle class for…


International Investing for Safety & Security?

International investing is foreign to most Americans.  We’ve been discussing asset management in a crazy economy.  In the last post we looked at commodities as an investment.  As we said, most US investors only invest in US Markets.  The advantage to this is that they inherently know US markets and companies better.  The disadvantage is…


Economic World News & Hyperinflation Watch

Today’s video is a World Economic Update & also points at signs of a coming hyperinflation (or Dollar devaluation.  This video is part of a two part economic update as we continue our periodic series.  Economic events are continuing to devolve and this video shows not only how they affect you, but which ones could…


Stock Market Crash Prediction in this Economic Update Video

Economic Update & Reasons we see a stock market crash soon are the two primary topics discussed in today’s economic update video as we continue our periodic series.  The stock market crash looks eminent at this point.  We mentioned in the last newsletter that there was one economic indicator that would make us feel more…


Agribusiness (Food) Investing

Agribusiness is the industry surrounding the production of food.  We’ve been discussing asset management in a crazy economy and we just finished a segment on energy investing. Today, we’ll turn and look at agribusiness.  Let us know if you have questions that you’d like us to expand upon.


Alternative Energy Source Investing

Most alternative energies are still incredibly inefficient for real world use.  We’ve been discussing asset management in a crazy economy.  We’ll continue the series on energy that we’ve been at for many posts in a row.  Even though alternative energy is inefficient, some governments of the world try to fix this by giving subsidies to…


Natural Gas & Coal Investing

Natural Gas or Coal?  We’ve been discussing asset management in a crazy economy.  We’ve been looking at energy for the past several posts in this series. Some environmentalists hate all hydrocarbons and think we should stop using them.  Others, hate coal, but love gas.  Should you invest in either of them?  We look at the…


Canadian Oil Sands, Disasters & War

Are the Canadian Oil Sands the best investment opportunity of our lifetime?  When you consider the possibility of wars in the Middle East and government intervention across the globe (as well as disasters like the BP oil spill), they just might be!  We’ve been discussing asset management in a crazy economy.  In the last 3…