Gold & Silver Market Update

Gold & Silver prices in US dollars have had a wild ride this year.  Both fell dramatically earlier in the year and have had a strong bounce back up over the last two months.  Gold is up about $200 since the bottom while still being down about $300 for the year.  Likewise, silver is up…


A Word of Warning on Fixed Index Annuities (or any Fixed Product)

Do Fixed Index Annuities offer some wonderful benefits that you can’t find anywhere else?  Absolutely!  Are they the Be All, End All financial product that you should dump all your money into?  We would strongly urge you not to!  We’ve just spent a couple posts talking about how wonderful FIA’s can be (which you can…


Derivatives Will Take Down the Financial System

We’ve spoken before about the danger of derivatives to the very core of the financial system and thus to our entire economy.  Our guess would be that when we first began discussing this issue, most of you had never heard of derivatives before.  You probably have heard about them now.  And we believe, it will…


Hyperinflation Will Change Your Life

What is Hyperinflation?  It doesn’t really have an exact definition, so it’s easy to disagree on what hyperinflation means.  To some, inflation that has gotten pretty high (let’s say above 10%) is hyperinflation.  To others, the money in your hands must become absolutely worthless to be considered hyperinflation. We don’t have a particular definition either. …


Deflationary Crash

Even with the trillions of dollars pumped into the system over the last few years, the economy is in the midst of a massive deflationary crash.  Central Bankers of the world are trying to unite to ensure that it doesn’t happen (and that we instead end up with massive inflation), but a deflationary crash is…


Full Scale Currency War

Nobody wins a currency war…but politicians love to try.  The idea goes like this…. “If we can cheapen the value of our currency, then we’ll be able to export more goods and it will get our economy going.  And then I’ll get re-elected and everyone will love me!”  (see the beginning of this series here.)…


The US Will See Real Recession

Recession in the US?  According to the media, we’re far from this, right?  Well, maybe.  Right now, we’re seeing slow growth that doesn’t get anyone excited, but is actually positive.  Will we see slow growth like China, or full blown recession like Europe? What the media and government don’t like to mention is that the…


US Dollar Will Lose Value in 2012

We predicted the US Dollar would lose value in real terms in 2012 to start this series, and this is already showing itself to be true.  Inflation is running higher and higher so that even the government numbers show inflation far above what a person can earn on risk free cash. The reality is much…


Bonds Will Turn Around in 2012

Our bold prediction that US bond investors will see losses in 2012 has still yet to bear out.  Last year we shied away from such a bold prediction because it’s so hard to guess when this 30 year bull market will turn.  But turn it most certainly will….the question is when? With 10 year Treasury…


Why You Should Own Silver Now Even If The Price Might Drop Later

Friday we left off talking about Silver and ended the piece discussing the ongoing bullion bank price suppression scheme.  We’ve often commented on the issue because new proof comes up all the time and it’s hard not to comment on a blatant in justice being done against everyday Americans.  It’s gotten to the point that…