Christian Financial Advice in Action

Christian Financial Advice has a whole new meaning with the introduction of Your Fruitful Tree.  Stewardship that focuses on safety first & should lead to more growth through an understanding of what’s going on in the world and utilizing the most advanced strategies and products.  On Monday we began a short new series explaining the…


Your Fruitful Tree Process: What is it?

Your Fruitful Tree is a process designed to educate & equip you and your family to bring to fruit the true purpose & dreams of your family while protecting you from the treacherous headwinds & hurricanes of life. Towards this end, we use a five step process to help you determine the right steps to…


Kingdom Calling vs Financial Advisors: A Better Way

Almost all financial advisors recommend that you invest your money in the stock and bond market, usually through mutual funds, although it could be through wrap accounts, managed accounts, or in individual stocks and bonds. All of these options are subject to the schizophrenic, emotional roller coaster of the markets. As you know well, the…


Kingdom Calling vs. Financial Advisors: Hoarding Hurts

Financial advisors encourage you to be miserly and have the smallest possible impact on the world. This is the same financial advice given in most churches, either because that advice is coming from lay people or from church members who are practicing “traditional financial planning.” And for a lot of folks it’s not horrible advice,…


Kingdom Calling vs. Financial Advisors: Trying to Predict the Future

Kingdom Calling cannot and does not try to predict the future. If you’re working with a financial advisor that does, it’s probably time for you to question your direction. Instead, Kingdom Calling tries to plan for every contingency while focusing on maximizing the efficiency of your plan. By doing so, we are able, in most…