Where to be Invested Now for Safety & Growth?

There is a deluge of financial propaganda hitting us wherever we turn.  The answer to the question, “Where should I be invested?”  is often difficult to answer.  If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ve seen that I recommend diversifying across a multitude of financial market sectors and products to be prepared for…


Fixed Index Universal Life Odds & Ends

Fixed Index Universal Life offers you the ability to grow your assets tax deferred and pull the money out to use at anytime tax free in addition to letting you participate in the stock market’s upside without having to suffer the downsides.  It does all this in addition to the life insurance benefits which attracted…


Glenn Beck reviews Roaul Paul’s Dire Prediction

We don’t post alot of outside videos here often, but this review by Glenn Beck of Roaul Paul’s dire economic prediction is both succinct and exactly inline with what we’ve been telling you for the past three years.  Whether you like or don’t like Beck shouldn’t matter here because he’s basically reading from Paul’s predictions…