What is an Annuity?

An annuity is basically a savings or investment vehicle offered by an insurance company.  It should not be considered an investment technically, because it is not.  And it should not be considered a bank savings account, because it is not.  But different types of annuities have features that might be very similar to these other…


Financial Products to Protect & Grow Your Assets

Today, it’s finally time to discuss Financial Products.  We’ve been discussing Christian Financial Advice and the ways we work with clients here at Kingdom Calling from our offices in Austin, Texas.  We first introduced the Your Fruitful Tree process and why it’s important to know your Purpose here. We then explained the importance of starting…


Europe Will Experience a Sovereign Default (and Perhaps Multiple Defaults) in 2012

We spoke on Friday about the possibility of sovereign default in Europe.  There is the possibility that the European Central Bank (ECB) will print enough money to bail out all the problem countries.  However, this would surely lead to hyperinflation and since Germany is still the main power in Europe, this seems unlikely to us…


Financial News Articles of Interest

Today we’ve got another financial news post where we bring you the best & most interesting financial news stories over the last couple of months.  On a personal note, I’m pretty upset because I had finished making blog posts out of all the economic update videos that I recently filmed to run over the holidays,…


Gold & Silver Update

Gold and Silver prices have crashed recently. Are they a good buy for protection or will they fall further?  This videos examines recent activity in the gold and silver markets and gives you facts that can help you feel more comfortable positioning yourself in precious metals for safety.  We’re continuing a  series of videos which…


More Covered Call Option Income in Your Pocket

One last note on the call option example given on Wednesday… If you like the potential income of this strategy, but you really believe that there’s more upside in Intel than $23 and you don’t want to miss out on it, you can sell a higher priced Call Option.  The $24 Strike Price Option listed…


Put Option Examples

Selling Put Options can help you reduce your risk while drastically increasing the income you receive buying stocks.  We explained put options here. Today, Let’s look at an example to explain the moving parts…


The Deflation Protection Portfolio

Deflation Protection and other Asset Allocation Examples There is no end to the possibilities of asset allocation.  We are going to list several examples of asset allocation here over the next couple weeks because it seems like a good way to understand the mindset in creating each allocation. We’re going to look at this mostly…


A Stock Option Example

Stock Options are simpler to understand than you think and if used properly can lower your risk and increase your returns.  We’re going to our explanation how by looking at several option chains for Microsoft as displayed on the basic Fidelity Option trading platform so that you can have some understanding of how options are…


What is a Value Investor?

A value investor is different.  We looked at how a macroeconomic thinker positions his portfolio, but how does the value investor do it? Pure value investors never buy funds.  The value investor prides himself on combing through the financials of companies and uncovering the truly undervalued company.  You can’t do this with a fund.  Diversification…