A Coming Storm Update

The following is a reprint of the March 2015 Coming Storm newsletter… A Coming Storm Update Good news.  The work of the Lord is progressing.  I haven’t written much in the past couple years in part because I didn’t have anything different to say than what I’ve already said.  I would write from time to…


The Government has “Saved” us from the Government!

It appears as I write this that the government will come to a Debt Ceiling agreement just in the nick of time.  Of course, that has probably been their plan for months (and is exactly what I would have told you months ago if you had asked what they will do).  This appears to be…


Silver & Gold: This year’s smash on prices

What can be said about Silver & Gold prices this year?  We started a new blog series Tuesday by discussing today’s price action with that of the 1970’s and How to know when prices will start falling for good.  Today’s post is the second of three posts on gold and silver. We’ve talked ad nauseum…


Tax Free Growth Can Come Cheap

Tax Free Growth might seem impossible these days or it might seem like it comes with huge restrictions (such as a small annual Roth IRA limit on contributions)  But tax free growth can come cheap if you know how to do it.  We’ve been speaking about fixed index universal life insurance which allows you to…


Fixed Annuities & Variable Annuities

Fixed Annuities & Variable Annuities are two common types of what is called “Deferred Annuities”.  Unlike the immediate annuity that we discussed on Friday, these types of annuities are designed to grow your capital in a tax deferred manner before then being used to provide a lifetime income.  Let’s look at both types… Fixed Annuities…


Insurance That Deserves a Second Look

We’re starting a new series on types of insurance that deserve a second look.  We’re calling it that because each has seen an incredible transformation over the years.  Over three years ago, we gave an introduction to the insurance topic here.  We’ll be focusing on 3 types of products in this series (that will really…


Fed Will Announce New & Improved QE

The Federal Reserve (Fed) has only just begun in the shenanigans it will employ to attempt to paper over the debt.  Today’s post will give you a little of our thinking of what direction things could go in the future.  We’ve spent most of the year making economic forecasts.  The first half of the forecasts…


Gold, Should You Wait for a Better Price?

On Friday, we introduced our views that the price (in US Dollars) of gold will rise in 2012, but also shared our belief that the price could certainly see a severe correction in the event of a world wide liquidity crash.  The world powers are doing their best to print enough money that this won’t…


Where Will Gold Go Next?

Gold prices have rebounded strongly from their late 2011 lows, and we believe this will be another banner year for gold.  However, there’s one major concern with that prediction which we’ll detail here for you.  We were able to tell you about the sale on gold & silver that was going on back in October…


Japan will see recession in 2012

It has taken long for details of our Recession in Japan prediction to start to come in. Japan has been sucking fumes for over 2 decades now.  Today, we’ll continue the series on economic predictions for 2012 and beyond… In the 1970’s and 1980’s the growth story of the Japanese economy was unreal.  People across…