The Radiance of God’s Glory through His Sons

Yesterday, I sat on my couch and was becoming more and more uncomfortable as the heat of the sun came in the window/door.  One side of our home is all glass doors going out onto a patio.  For years, the view out was into a small forest.  However, they’ve recently torn all that down and…


Fiscal Cliff Update

I’m sure you’ve all heard a basic summary of the Fiscal Cliff negotiations.  Many Bush era tax cuts that were always provisional were made permanent.  At the same time, everyone will see an increase in taxes.  Those with higher incomes will see the biggest hit to their incomes.  We introduced this Fiscal Cliff topic here….


The Fiscal Cliff Explanation

The Fiscal Cliff (This is a Reprint of the November Newsletter which you can sign up for here) You’ve surely heard that there’s a “fiscal cliff” coming.  This newsletter will probably surprise you coming from me, but my guess is that more is being made of it then we’ll actually experience.  That said, I want…


Free Investing Books on Tax Free Gains without Losses

Free Investing Books! We’re excited to announce a partnership that allows us to share four excellent books that cover a number of topics, but tend to focus on tax free and tax advantaged ways to grow your assets at higher rates than the market has been producing with much less risk.  (This might sound unrealistic,…


The Master Builder

The Master Builder (Note: This parable was passed on to me by my friend Larry. I don’t know who he heard it from, but thought it was a wonderful truth and wanted to share it here.) Now hear the parable of the Master Builder. A wise Master Builder decided after years and years of building…


Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance

Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance offers you participation in the good years of the market with no participation in the down years of the market.  Each product is different, so remember we are talking in generalities here in order to educate you about what this type of product is, but this product can be an…


Guaranteed High Interest Growth

Guaranteed High Interest Growth is available today through Lifetime Income Roll Up Riders on Fixed Index Annuities. We spent the last several posts talking about the opportunity in fixed index annuities today to capture some of the upside of the stock market without participating in the downside of the market (which you can read starting…


Fixed Index Annuities

We have a love/hate relationship with Fixed Index Annuities.  We used to love them, then we began to hate them, and now we’re swing back towards love…in the right situations.  Most Fixed Index Annuities aren’t right for everyone, but for the right person, they can be an excellent part of your planning strategy!  (We’re continuing…


Immediate Annuities

An Immediate annuity is probably what most people first think about when they hear the word annuity, although there are so many different types (as we’ve been discussing) that it depends on which ones you’ve encountered as to which comes to your mind.  Probably the first type of annuity was the Immediate Annuity.  This product…


Free Long Term Care Insurance

Is it possible to get free long term care insurance?  Not in the traditional way, but today we’re going to continue the series on long term care which began here and show you two breakthrough solutions to providing significant chronic illness benefits without having to pay for them if you don’t need them.  If you…