Be, Then Do, Then Have This New Year

As we’re about to flip the calendar on another new year that God has provided us, I want to offer you one of the simpler, more powerful tools that we here at Kingdom Calling apply.  We call it, as others have, the Be-Do-Have Mentality test.  It’s a poignant example of how powerful simply changing your…


Where From Here? Its Up to You – Stage 7

The people that work their way through the Kingdom Calling Process vary widely. Sure, they share a belief in Christ as our Savior, and a responsibility to live their lives as God would have them. But our clients come from different backgrounds, have differing financial resources, take varying amounts of time to go through our…


A Review – Stage 6

1.    The Path 2.    Soul Purpose Activator 3.    The Castle/Moat Blueprint 4.    Protection/Production Stage 5.    The Abundance Accelerator Kingdom Calling’s methodology for converting our clients’ finances from haphazard, to focused and ready for purposeful use following each individual’s calling is carefully designed. 


How to Accelerate Abundance – Now

So far we’ve discussed 4 of the 7 ordered steps we at Kingdom Calling take our clients through to realize proper financial stewardship for those prepared to answer their special and unique calling from God.  So far, each of these steps has been preparatory.  Each follows the last to lend perspective, aid in clarity, and…


Math is Not Money – a Concrete Example

Stage 4 of 7: The Protection/Production Continuum Stage. Much of what is taught by the financial media and most financial planners is false.  The reason is that the financial institutions spend billions educating all of those giving the education and that information usually sounds correct and intelligent.  No one ever stops to notice that the…


Build a Castle, and You Better Protect It

We’ve been discussing the 7 stages to get to proper financial stewardship.  Today we’ll  concern ourselves with stage 3:  the Castle/Moat Blueprint. Great castles of the middle ages had two things in common.  To protect their glorious, high-rising structures, kings would dig a moat around them, and enclose them within an armor of high, strong…


More on “The Plan”

As I mentioned, the first of the seven stages of the process to financial stewardship is understanding the right plan or general thinking about your finances. The key to remember: we (like banks and other financial institutions) need to focus on now rather than hoarding for “someday”.   When we are focused on cash flow, everything…


Why Banks Steward Cash The Way Jesus Would

The mythical “American Dream”:  work hard for 40 years and then one day at 65, retire with a golden nest egg that will take care of you the remainder of your days.   There are several problems with this fantasy.  For one, most of us base our plans on predictions of the future which aren’t accurate. …


My Own Calling

As I started my career as a financial advisor in late 1997, I had a few offers, of which American Express Financial Advisors seemed the best.  They competently taught the ins and outs of traditional financial planning.  And, for a few years, I taught and managed my clients using these traditional principles. But it wasn’t…


Your Kingdom Calling

Kingdom Calling, and this blog for that matter, exist to educate and assist you in living the fullest life God has for you while making the biggest possible impact for the Kingdom of God. From today, ad infinitum, we’ll focus on two primary areas: