Believe What You Hear: Mission Trip Excerpt

(June 25th 2006 – Reynosa, Mexico) SUNDAY Today we started with teachings from David in the chapel as we would every morning.  He is an incredible man of God.  He is a Jewish son of a Rabbi who at 32 found Christ.  As such he is a teacher unlike any I have ever heard.  Most…


I Asked, and He Answered: Mission Trip Excerpt

(June 24th 2006 – Austin, TX) We met at Gateway Church this morning at 6am and drove to Reynosa, Mexico – about a 6 hour drive.  There we rendezvoused David Schiff, our leader from Adventures In Missions (AIM), and did some exercises to begin listening for the promptings of the Holy Spirit in the city…


You Get What You Give: Mission Trip Excerpt

In 2006 I signed up for 2 mission trips, back to back.  It was something that had been on my heart for a couple years, but still I was too selfish to give away a week of my like.  In early 2007 my walk started to become primary to me and I decided to jump…


Is One man’s journey into the Kingdom of God Relevant for your life?

Wes Bridel posting here.  There are several contributors here at Kingdom Calling, but a lot of it comes through my fingertips.  My walk with Christ was shaped in large part through short-term missions.  Several months before my first trip I began to become aware that God was not just real, but real present.  And that…