Mission Trip – Day 4, cont’d: May 20, 2007

The timing of this mission trip was based upon the Feast of Weeks, or in Hebrew “Shavuot”, or in Christian “Pentecost”.  It’s funny that when we returned from The Land and told my Jewish brother that we celebrated Shavuot, he was surprised to hear that Christians celebrated this day.  Soon after, Kara was telling her…


Mission Trip – Day 3, cont’d: May 19, 2007

So many amazing things happened on that third day in Israel, but one that is both funny and at the same time fills me with wonder, is one that involves my then girlfriend, now bride, Kara.  Mike invited a whole group from the largest congregation in Tel Aviv to join so that everyone could pray…


Mission Trip – Day 3: May 19, 2007

Shabbat!  The Holy Sabbath.  If you read Genesis Ch. 1, you will notice that the way God views it, a new day begins with the darkness and ends with the light.  The evening that comes after sunset is the beginning of that next day which will also end in light.  I love these tiny pictures…


Mission Trip: Israel -Day 2: May 18, 2007

Jerusalem!  Today was the day to go see the sights.  We were still getting our bearings, both physically and spiritually, so our leaders took us to the heart of it all, Jerusalem, to continue to teach us.  I believe there were 14 of us, and we piled into 3 cars and zipped all around this…


Mission Trip: Israel -Day 1: May 17, 2007

We stayed at Beit Immanuel in Tel Aviv, very near Joppa where Peter had the vision in which God told him that His Spirit was for all people, not just the Jews. (Acts 9:32-10:48) Beit Immanuel means “House of God with us,” and is a hostel that also hosts a Discipleship program for young people…


My Journey of a Lifetime

My trip to Israel in 2007 was lead by David Schiff, who also led my trip to Mexico and the trips to Choctaw, MS and New Orleans that Kara (who is now my wife) and I also took in 2006. Before this trip, he told us that a major calling in his life was leading…


What do You Think?

I’ve got a plan – and I want your feedback. For the next couple of weeks, in place of my normal discussions on scripture – which have led us half way through Mathew at this point – I intend to relate the story of the truly surreal and remarkably spiritual mission trip I took to…