The Branches, Leaves, & Fruit

Your Fruitful Tree empowers you to establish a strong and effective model of financial stewardship by focusing on those areas which are most essential and avoiding risk.  Over the last 75 years the US Dollar has been seen as a safe haven from all risk.  However, there are tremendously strong signs that this situation is…


The Trunk

Your Savings make up the core strength of your financial life or the Trunk of Your Fruitful Tree.  Sound financial growth stems from your foundation of savings.  Many people don’t have enough money in savings because they don’t know how to structure it to best benefit their lives.  When structured properly, you should have a…


The Roots

Contracts are critically important in modern society.  Most of the problems that people face in life are due to the fact that they didn’t have the proper contracts in place.  For our purposes, we’ll look at every type of insurance that you need in your life, as well as wills, trusts, and business entities.  Most…


Introduction to Your Fruitful Tree

We’ve been writing for the last month about the incredibly important time that we’re living in and the massive economic changes on our doorstep.  We’ve designed a program that is aimed to help our clients prepare for these changes.  We call it, Your Fruitful Tree.  We’ll spend the next few posts detailing the different areas…


Becoming Your Own Banker Videos

We’ve just finished a huge series on how to use Whole Life Insurance policies to provide a foundation for wealth building.  One of the key benefits that we discussed was the way that you can apply banking principles to your own life and keep the massive profits that you are currently giving to an outside…


The 7 Biggest Mistakes that are Costing You & Your Future

If you’re like most Americans, you try to make smart financial decisions. Although you’re busy, you do the best you can to get good information to do the right thing so your financial future is secure. Despite that effort, chances are you, like many others, are heading deep up a creek without a paddle. And…


Kingdom Calling vs Financial Advisors: What Went Wrong?

The  free fall of the markets in recent months, and subsequent wonder readily apparent in the comments of so many a financial advisor, should be a hard lesson to anybody looking soon to formulate a new financial plan. Almost nobody, including the best and brightest of two administrations, came even close to forecasting the length…


Kingdom Calling vs Financial Advisors: Debt or Wealth – What’s the Focus?

Some Financial Advisors out there are so focused on debt reduction, that they can hamper your ability to make money. Why? Because they’re people. And like anybody, their behavior can be conditioned by experience. But when that experience is irrelevant to your financial situation, it can condition some to be inefficient. Take the example of…


Kingdom Calling vs Financial Advisors: Whose Side Are They On?

Financial Advisors – even the best of them – are incentivized to either sell you products owned by their companies, or in the case of many “fee only” advisors, steer you away from the best products because they too have “fees.” What is apparent in both of these situations is that what is absolutely best…


Kingdom Calling vs Financial Advisors: God First

Financial Advisors will often say they are customizing a plan to you, but really have a one size fits all model that At Kingdom Calling, we examine how the pieces of your life fit together to create your unique calling they plug you into based upon your age and how you answer a simple “risk…