Glenn Beck reviews Roaul Paul’s Dire Prediction

We don’t post alot of outside videos here often, but this review by Glenn Beck of Roaul Paul’s dire economic prediction is both succinct and exactly inline with what we’ve been telling you for the past three years.  Whether you like or don’t like Beck shouldn’t matter here because he’s basically reading from Paul’s predictions…


Governments Conspire to Massively Change World Currencies

Did you know that politicians and their economists know exactly the right thing to do to fix political/economic problems? It’s true; they just don’t know how to do it in our own countries.  It might seem bizarre that they know how to do it in far off lands, but that they don’t have a clue…


Derivatives are Collapsing the Financial System

Soon derivatives will have a big affect on just about everyone on the planet.  For now, Derivatives are collapsing the Financial System from within.  Soon, those ripple effects will be seen everywhere.  We just wish we knew what the definition of “soon” was.  We started this topic yesterday which you can read here.  Today, we’ll…


Derivatives Will Take Down the Financial System

We’ve spoken before about the danger of derivatives to the very core of the financial system and thus to our entire economy.  Our guess would be that when we first began discussing this issue, most of you had never heard of derivatives before.  You probably have heard about them now.  And we believe, it will…


Fed Will Announce New & Improved QE

The Federal Reserve (Fed) has only just begun in the shenanigans it will employ to attempt to paper over the debt.  Today’s post will give you a little of our thinking of what direction things could go in the future.  We’ve spent most of the year making economic forecasts.  The first half of the forecasts…


Obama beats Romney in 2012

This might seem hard to believe, but we feel more confident in predicting that Obama will beat Romney than we do in many of our other individual predictions in this series.  Before too much steam comes shooting out of your ears (if you’re a Romney fan), read the whole post for why we believe this…


Hyperinflation Will Change Your Life

What is Hyperinflation?  It doesn’t really have an exact definition, so it’s easy to disagree on what hyperinflation means.  To some, inflation that has gotten pretty high (let’s say above 10%) is hyperinflation.  To others, the money in your hands must become absolutely worthless to be considered hyperinflation. We don’t have a particular definition either. …


Deflationary Crash

Even with the trillions of dollars pumped into the system over the last few years, the economy is in the midst of a massive deflationary crash.  Central Bankers of the world are trying to unite to ensure that it doesn’t happen (and that we instead end up with massive inflation), but a deflationary crash is…


Full Scale Currency War

Nobody wins a currency war…but politicians love to try.  The idea goes like this…. “If we can cheapen the value of our currency, then we’ll be able to export more goods and it will get our economy going.  And then I’ll get re-elected and everyone will love me!”  (see the beginning of this series here.)…


US Dollar Will Lose Value in 2012

We predicted the US Dollar would lose value in real terms in 2012 to start this series, and this is already showing itself to be true.  Inflation is running higher and higher so that even the government numbers show inflation far above what a person can earn on risk free cash. The reality is much…