What does Jesus teach about living our Calling & Stewardship?

Focus at Kingdom Calling is on Calling and Stewardship.  We guide, teach, nudge, push and cheerlead you into being the fullest expression of who God created you to be, living the life He calls you to, and managing everything He’s given you to the fulfillment of Heaven on Earth in your life. Praying about what…


Is One man’s journey into the Kingdom of God Relevant for your life?

Wes Bridel posting here.  There are several contributors here at Kingdom Calling, but a lot of it comes through my fingertips.  My walk with Christ was shaped in large part through short-term missions.  Several months before my first trip I began to become aware that God was not just real, but real present.  And that…


What are the Principles of the Kingdom?

Is it possible that God made this world using universal laws or principles that govern everything around us?  I believe so.  Sometimes these principles are invisible and quite easy to miss.  Yet they are so powerful that they govern nature, people, relationships….everything. Harnessing the power of this wisdom can bring about unbelievable blessings into every…


What’s to Come?

We’ve spent the first 20 posts of this blog giving you a bird’s eye view of what we do here at Kingdom Calling.  What’s next?  We’ll unleash a torrent of information in the coming year and and want to give you a glimpse of  what that will entail.  We need your input and help to…


What You Already Know to Be True

Riddle me these four questions, if you will: Do financial institutions want all of your money, or only some of it? Do they want more of the money you make in the future? Do they want to give it back a long time from now, or soon? Do they want to give it back all…


Three Types of People: Savers, Consumers and Producers

For the sake of discussion, let’s say there are three kinds of people in the world: Consumers Savers Producers Laws of the Universe: Consumers  consume more value in the world than they produce. Producers produce more value than they’re consuming. This is a continuum.  You can never be the ultimate Consumer, and you can always…


Are You Committed?

The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.” Matthew 13:44 Are you committed? Jesus tells this parable to show what true commitment is.  The most important thing in…


Be, Then Do, Then Have This New Year

As we’re about to flip the calendar on another new year that God has provided us, I want to offer you one of the simpler, more powerful tools that we here at Kingdom Calling apply.  We call it, as others have, the Be-Do-Have Mentality test.  It’s a poignant example of how powerful simply changing your…


Where From Here? Its Up to You – Stage 7

The people that work their way through the Kingdom Calling Process vary widely. Sure, they share a belief in Christ as our Savior, and a responsibility to live their lives as God would have them. But our clients come from different backgrounds, have differing financial resources, take varying amounts of time to go through our…


A Review – Stage 6

1.    The Path 2.    Soul Purpose Activator 3.    The Castle/Moat Blueprint 4.    Protection/Production Stage 5.    The Abundance Accelerator Kingdom Calling’s methodology for converting our clients’ finances from haphazard, to focused and ready for purposeful use following each individual’s calling is carefully designed.