Fixed Index Universal Life Odds & Ends

Fixed Index Universal Life offers you the ability to grow your assets tax deferred and pull the money out to use at anytime tax free in addition to letting you participate in the stock market’s upside without having to suffer the downsides.  It does all this in addition to the life insurance benefits which attracted…


Tax Free Growth Can Come Cheap

Tax Free Growth might seem impossible these days or it might seem like it comes with huge restrictions (such as a small annual Roth IRA limit on contributions)  But tax free growth can come cheap if you know how to do it.  We’ve been speaking about fixed index universal life insurance which allows you to…


Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance

Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance offers you participation in the good years of the market with no participation in the down years of the market.  Each product is different, so remember we are talking in generalities here in order to educate you about what this type of product is, but this product can be an…


Guaranteed High Interest Growth

Guaranteed High Interest Growth is available today through Lifetime Income Roll Up Riders on Fixed Index Annuities. We spent the last several posts talking about the opportunity in fixed index annuities today to capture some of the upside of the stock market without participating in the downside of the market (which you can read starting…


A Word of Warning on Fixed Index Annuities (or any Fixed Product)

Do Fixed Index Annuities offer some wonderful benefits that you can’t find anywhere else?  Absolutely!  Are they the Be All, End All financial product that you should dump all your money into?  We would strongly urge you not to!  We’ve just spent a couple posts talking about how wonderful FIA’s can be (which you can…


Fixed Index Annuities: Then & Now

Fixed Index Annuities have only existed a couple of decades.  (See here for our fixed index annuity introduction.) We used to love them because they offered a large amount  of the index gains with no chance for losses.  You would often be offered Annual Point to Point Caps in the 10 to 12% range, so…


Fixed Index Annuities

We have a love/hate relationship with Fixed Index Annuities.  We used to love them, then we began to hate them, and now we’re swing back towards love…in the right situations.  Most Fixed Index Annuities aren’t right for everyone, but for the right person, they can be an excellent part of your planning strategy!  (We’re continuing…


Fixed Annuities & Variable Annuities

Fixed Annuities & Variable Annuities are two common types of what is called “Deferred Annuities”.  Unlike the immediate annuity that we discussed on Friday, these types of annuities are designed to grow your capital in a tax deferred manner before then being used to provide a lifetime income.  Let’s look at both types… Fixed Annuities…


Immediate Annuities

An Immediate annuity is probably what most people first think about when they hear the word annuity, although there are so many different types (as we’ve been discussing) that it depends on which ones you’ve encountered as to which comes to your mind.  Probably the first type of annuity was the Immediate Annuity.  This product…


What is an Annuity?

An annuity is basically a savings or investment vehicle offered by an insurance company.  It should not be considered an investment technically, because it is not.  And it should not be considered a bank savings account, because it is not.  But different types of annuities have features that might be very similar to these other…