Charles Newbold books for $1

The Crucified Ones by Charles Newbold is the best book I’ve read describing (in an incredibly succinct way…it’s short, but very dense) what is happening as the Kingdom of God advances and where believers stand in it.  It was amazing to read much of what the Lord had taught me laid out so precisely.  And…


Examples of higher taxes leading to less Tax Revenue

We wanted to follow up on the recent Fiscal Cliff writing with a few examples of how raising taxes actually lowers revenues.  These two deal with the more obvious and immediate impact of people choosing to do whatever necessary to not pay the higher tax rather than the longer lasting effects of lower economic growth. …


The Fiscal Cliff Explanation

The Fiscal Cliff (This is a Reprint of the November Newsletter which you can sign up for here) You’ve surely heard that there’s a “fiscal cliff” coming.  This newsletter will probably surprise you coming from me, but my guess is that more is being made of it then we’ll actually experience.  That said, I want…


Where to be Invested Now for Safety & Growth?

There is a deluge of financial propaganda hitting us wherever we turn.  The answer to the question, “Where should I be invested?”  is often difficult to answer.  If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ve seen that I recommend diversifying across a multitude of financial market sectors and products to be prepared for…


Free Investing Books on Tax Free Gains without Losses

Free Investing Books! We’re excited to announce a partnership that allows us to share four excellent books that cover a number of topics, but tend to focus on tax free and tax advantaged ways to grow your assets at higher rates than the market has been producing with much less risk.  (This might sound unrealistic,…


The Master Builder

The Master Builder (Note: This parable was passed on to me by my friend Larry. I don’t know who he heard it from, but thought it was a wonderful truth and wanted to share it here.) Now hear the parable of the Master Builder. A wise Master Builder decided after years and years of building…


Fixed Index Universal Life Odds & Ends

Fixed Index Universal Life offers you the ability to grow your assets tax deferred and pull the money out to use at anytime tax free in addition to letting you participate in the stock market’s upside without having to suffer the downsides.  It does all this in addition to the life insurance benefits which attracted…


Tax Free Growth Can Come Cheap

Tax Free Growth might seem impossible these days or it might seem like it comes with huge restrictions (such as a small annual Roth IRA limit on contributions)  But tax free growth can come cheap if you know how to do it.  We’ve been speaking about fixed index universal life insurance which allows you to…


Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance

Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance offers you participation in the good years of the market with no participation in the down years of the market.  Each product is different, so remember we are talking in generalities here in order to educate you about what this type of product is, but this product can be an…


Guaranteed High Interest Growth

Guaranteed High Interest Growth is available today through Lifetime Income Roll Up Riders on Fixed Index Annuities. We spent the last several posts talking about the opportunity in fixed index annuities today to capture some of the upside of the stock market without participating in the downside of the market (which you can read starting…