Gold & Silver Market Update

Gold & Silver prices in US dollars have had a wild ride this year.  Both fell dramatically earlier in the year and have had a strong bounce back up over the last two months.  Gold is up about $200 since the bottom while still being down about $300 for the year.  Likewise, silver is up…


The Multi-Faceted Glory of God

The Lord has given me a couple small pictures recently that depict what He is doing as He raises many sons to Glory.  We shared one yesterday about how God’s Glory will be experienced through His Sons.  If you’re not familiar with this concept, you should read the portion on Sonship in The Seed (and…


The Radiance of God’s Glory through His Sons

Yesterday, I sat on my couch and was becoming more and more uncomfortable as the heat of the sun came in the window/door.  One side of our home is all glass doors going out onto a patio.  For years, the view out was into a small forest.  However, they’ve recently torn all that down and…


Fiscal Cliff Update

I’m sure you’ve all heard a basic summary of the Fiscal Cliff negotiations.  Many Bush era tax cuts that were always provisional were made permanent.  At the same time, everyone will see an increase in taxes.  Those with higher incomes will see the biggest hit to their incomes.  We introduced this Fiscal Cliff topic here….


Charles Newbold books for $1

The Crucified Ones by Charles Newbold is the best book I’ve read describing (in an incredibly succinct way…it’s short, but very dense) what is happening as the Kingdom of God advances and where believers stand in it.  It was amazing to read much of what the Lord had taught me laid out so precisely.  And…


Examples of higher taxes leading to less Tax Revenue

We wanted to follow up on the recent Fiscal Cliff writing with a few examples of how raising taxes actually lowers revenues.  These two deal with the more obvious and immediate impact of people choosing to do whatever necessary to not pay the higher tax rather than the longer lasting effects of lower economic growth. …


The Fiscal Cliff Explanation

The Fiscal Cliff (This is a Reprint of the November Newsletter which you can sign up for here) You’ve surely heard that there’s a “fiscal cliff” coming.  This newsletter will probably surprise you coming from me, but my guess is that more is being made of it then we’ll actually experience.  That said, I want…


Where to be Invested Now for Safety & Growth?

There is a deluge of financial propaganda hitting us wherever we turn.  The answer to the question, “Where should I be invested?”  is often difficult to answer.  If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ve seen that I recommend diversifying across a multitude of financial market sectors and products to be prepared for…


Free Investing Books on Tax Free Gains without Losses

Free Investing Books! We’re excited to announce a partnership that allows us to share four excellent books that cover a number of topics, but tend to focus on tax free and tax advantaged ways to grow your assets at higher rates than the market has been producing with much less risk.  (This might sound unrealistic,…


The Master Builder

The Master Builder (Note: This parable was passed on to me by my friend Larry. I don’t know who he heard it from, but thought it was a wonderful truth and wanted to share it here.) Now hear the parable of the Master Builder. A wise Master Builder decided after years and years of building…