Why Banks Steward Cash The Way Jesus Would

The mythical “American Dream”:  work hard for 40 years and then one day at 65, retire with a golden nest egg that will take care of you the remainder of your days.   There are several problems with this fantasy.  For one, most of us base our plans on predictions of the future which aren’t accurate. …


Seven Stages to Living Your Path The Kingdom Calling Way

The Kingdom Calling Process takes you through seven stages.    Each is completed in whatever amount of time is perfectly necessary for each individual person.  Everyone has different needs and we focus our attention on what’s important in your life. The process educates you to be a more powerful steward of what God has and will…


Real Prosperity – Part II

Yesterday I introduced the idea of real prosperity, and mentioned that there are really 4 P’s to real prosperity – prosperity in line with God’s calling for you: 1) Perspective 2) Purpose 3) Plan 4) Products


Real Prosperity – Part 1

What does wealth mean to you?  Often, people have very different answers when I pose that question. Is wealth only financial to you?  Or is it also spiritual?  Perhaps its also social, physical, and mental. Which is the least important area?


My Own Calling

As I started my career as a financial advisor in late 1997, I had a few offers, of which American Express Financial Advisors seemed the best.  They competently taught the ins and outs of traditional financial planning.  And, for a few years, I taught and managed my clients using these traditional principles. But it wasn’t…


Your Kingdom Calling

Kingdom Calling, and this blog for that matter, exist to educate and assist you in living the fullest life God has for you while making the biggest possible impact for the Kingdom of God. From today, ad infinitum, we’ll focus on two primary areas: