God’s plan for today: Mature sons for the house of God

I was driving home from work two weeks ago and the Lord started teaching me on what He is doing in His people today. I got home, had dinner with my family, and got the kids ready for bed, and then went for a walk with my bride. I shared with her a little of…


The Refurbishment of Israel, the gilding of His Bride!

We’ve not updated this blog in a long time, but the time is really at hand for much of what has been talked about here and it’s been seeming like a good time to post.  Yesterday morning my wife heard from the Lord in a way that really struck me, so let me share a…


A Coming Storm Update

The following is a reprint of the March 2015 Coming Storm newsletter… A Coming Storm Update Good news.  The work of the Lord is progressing.  I haven’t written much in the past couple years in part because I didn’t have anything different to say than what I’ve already said.  I would write from time to…


A Couple Updates

It’s been too long since our last post and as you’ll read below, we hope to get this blog a little more active.  I wanted to make this quick post just to point out a couple things going on with: 1) The newest addition to our team here at Kingdom Calling 2) A friend’s blog…


The Government has “Saved” us from the Government!

It appears as I write this that the government will come to a Debt Ceiling agreement just in the nick of time.  Of course, that has probably been their plan for months (and is exactly what I would have told you months ago if you had asked what they will do).  This appears to be…


QE to Infinity

Could QE go on forever?  I think Jim Sinclair coined the term “QE to Infinity” to mean that the US Fed’s printing of money will never stop.  They can’t possibly stop it based on their current thinking and objectives.  What they are doing is an incredibly stupid idea, but their choice is basically to have…


Gold & Silver: Backwardization & Conclusion

The gold and silver markets have had a crazy year with big drops in US dollar prices and a big bounce from the lows.  We’ve been discussing these markets here and here.  Today we’ll look at another big issue and conclude the focus on silver and gold before moving on to other topics… Backwardization This…


Silver & Gold: This year’s smash on prices

What can be said about Silver & Gold prices this year?  We started a new blog series Tuesday by discussing today’s price action with that of the 1970’s and How to know when prices will start falling for good.  Today’s post is the second of three posts on gold and silver. We’ve talked ad nauseum…


Gold & Silver Market Update

Gold & Silver prices in US dollars have had a wild ride this year.  Both fell dramatically earlier in the year and have had a strong bounce back up over the last two months.  Gold is up about $200 since the bottom while still being down about $300 for the year.  Likewise, silver is up…


The Multi-Faceted Glory of God

The Lord has given me a couple small pictures recently that depict what He is doing as He raises many sons to Glory.  We shared one yesterday about how God’s Glory will be experienced through His Sons.  If you’re not familiar with this concept, you should read the portion on Sonship in The Seed (and…