Welcome to the second half of 2010!
Today’s newsletter will be fairly short.  I want to primarily share an important video with you.  But first, I’ll share a little bit about what’s going on in our lives.
Our son is very close to being born.  We don’t know if he’ll come later today of if he’s not planning to come until mid-August, but somewhere in there we should have the blessing of a son.  And the stark realization that life is very different!
I’ve had the realization this week that my family’s situation is a picture of the overall situation in the world right now, both spiritually and economically.  It’s clear to me that incredible times in the Lord are coming.  I believe that five or ten years from now, I’ll look back on who I am today and how I live and see that really had almost no understanding of the life He calls us to.  I believe that the spiritual growth I and many of us will undergo will be phenomenal!  I can’t wait!
On the flip side, I believe that economically excruciating times are coming.  (of course, these are exactly the sort of times that God typically uses to bring about the spiritual growth)  The video linked below will show you some of the ways that we are making quick, large profits even during these times, but much harder times are ahead and I don’t pretend to know exactly what every twist and turn will be before they get here.
Either way, whether spiritually or economically (the worldly life), big changes are coming relatively soon.  Will they be very soon?  Or will they be just a little bit down the road?  I wish I knew.  But they are coming.
That is exactly the space where we sit in our family right now.  Our son is coming….but we’re not quite sure when.
As far as practical matters are concerned, you might notice a slight drop off for a while in things as we adjust to this new life of parenthood.  You might not notice too much as we’ve been working hard to prepare for this time.  But we also don’t know what we don’t know….so we will see!

How to Be A Steady Investor in Turbulent Times
All that being said, I hope you enjoy the video linked below.  It gives you some more recent economic information than the Coming Storm video which hopefully you’ve watched a couple times by now.  Also, it goes beyond the basics of protecting your family’s assets.  It will give you some things to think about as far as positioning your assets so that you don’t lose everything and can instead profit.  Please understand that this is not personal financial advice.  Everyone’s situation is different, but this video will at least give you some things to think about.  Enjoy!