Did You Know that 90% of people put off Financial Planning until it’s Too Late?  The U.S. Economy is entering a Period of Severe Economic Stress.  Are You Prepared to Weather the Storm?

“Typical Reasons to Meet with a Financial Planner”

  • Having a Baby
  • Retirement Planning
  • Planning for Kids College Education
  • Want to Learn to Invest Securely and Confidently
  • Feeling that You Should be Doing a Better Job With Your Money
Christian Financial Advice can lead you to real financial freedom

For many, Personal Finance can be a Real Source of Stress. Learn How Financial Advice from a Christian Perspective Can Give You Real Peace of Mind

But those are normal life events occurring during “Normal economic times”.  Today, most people are facing much greater challenges than even just 5 years ago.  The United States is entering a period of great uncertainty…are you really ready?  The stakes of the game are rising and those who’ve adequately prepared will be able to best weather the coming financial storm.

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Don’t let another day go by…take action now. Having a strong financial foundation gives you peace of mind, drastically lowers your stress and will provide comfort and hope to your family. You owe it to your family to take this step and call us Today. This phone call could change your life!

We value your time and want you to walk away with the answers to your most important financial questions.. In fact, take out a piece of paper right now and write down your top financial stresses…then call us at 888-364-3814 or 512-469-0408 and schedule a time to speak with Wes Bridel confidentially. We are passionate about helping Christians build a strong financial foundation!

Create Financial Freedom by Building a Strong Financial Foundation, Rooted in Christ Centered Principles

Create Financial Freedom by Building a Strong Financial Foundation, Rooted in Christ Centered Principles

Whether you are just starting your career…or having a baby…or wish to diversify profits from your growing business, we are here to guide you.  We emphasize proven methods to building sound financial wisdom, while teaching strong Christ centered principles of money management and financial stewardship.

Wes Bridel has over 11 years of experience working with people seeking financial advice at every level and season and has developed a strong reputation as a advisor and mentor who really cares and wants the best for those he serves.

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