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This Bible Exposition (or Bible Commentary) began as a way to aid a couple friends who I was reading the bible with this year.  I’ve gone through the scriptures simultaneously with my friend Van each of the last few years, but it seemed like it might be helpful to record some thoughts live each day.  A couple others joined in this year.  The recordings were hosted on a private server, but it was suggested to me that I publish them publicly.  I have now loaded everything in this series publicly and will use this post as both an apology and as an index for all the recordings so that they can more easily be found (see below).

First the apology…These recordings represent my live thoughts as I read the scriptures each day.  I do not prepare.  I do not study.  I do not rehearse.  I do not edit.

I read a little, then hit record and say a few words.  Then I hit pause and read some more, and then hit record again and say a few more words…until I’m done.  So there are certainly mistakes.  And also, this would be different if I did it in a month or a year and certainly if I did it many years from now.  I’m only where I am and can only speak from my current perspective (including both advancements and limitations).  That said, I believe it would be valuable to many.  Perhaps you?  If you have a heart and mind to grow and ears to hear the way in which I’m given to teach this study, then this might be intended for you.

I am not attempting for this to be an all inclusive study of the scriptures.  That would be impossible in the time given and beyond my abilities.

The earlier recordings will sound quite different than recent recordings as I’ve figured out what I want to be doing.  I am still attempting to keep them shorter than recent recordings have been, so we’ll see how well I do at that!  These are typically recorded the first thing in the morning as I take my first sip of coffee, so maybe not me at my best, but my house is quiet and I can give it my full attention.

My proclivity is to share what the Word says with an emphasis on God’s purpose in the world and for Mankind particularly by recognizing how He is moving in the world today.  These are important days we are living in and I often emphasize the relevance of these ancient writings to our here and now.

With all that said, here are links to the individual pages of each book of the Bible that has been written so far.  More will be added after they have been recorded an uploaded.









1 Samuel

2 Samuel

1 Kings

2 Kings

1 Chronicles

2 Chronicles








Song of Songs (or Song of Solomon)


Gospel of Matthew

If you would like to daily, you can visit any of the podcast links below.  Newly completed commentaries of completed books of the bible will be added here after completion.

Over a month ago, I recorded a teaching I gave to our local fellowship on what is happening in the spiritual realm in our world today.  Now that I’m uploading bible commentary and since I wrote about this subject last year, I uploaded that message to the podcast server.  Now I have added that recording to the bottom of the post I wrote on this same subject last year.  You can find that post and recording here.

A wonderful study to grow in your faith and walk is provided in The Seed series which you can find an index for here.

You can find links to podcast hosting options to follow along as new podcasts are released here.  It’s currently at Spotify, Radio Public, Pocketcasts, Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcasts , & Apple Podcasts which you can find here, but should be coming to a few other podcast players in the future.

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