A Couple Updates

It’s been too long since our last post and as you’ll read below, we hope to get this blog a little more active.  I wanted to make this quick post just to point out a couple things going on with:

1) The newest addition to our team here at Kingdom Calling

2) A friend’s blog and business who helps writers get published as New York Times Best Sellers

& 3)  A short word on geopolitical & macroeconomic events

Welcome Robin Slaughter!Robin has joined us as the Office Manager here at Kingdom Calling and our other related businesses.  I’ll probably speak more about a new venture that she is helping launch that focuses on helping clients eliminate all debt including their mortgages in less than 9 years (on their current budgets!) while leading to a retirement of tax free income.

This project has had me (Wes) very busy and Robin is helping a great deal with that as well, but she is here to take your call if you have any questions for me at 512-469-0408.  My hope is that I will be able to carve out more time to regularly update this blog as well with this new help.

Beneath The Cover

My friend Michael Drew has relaunched his site http://www.beneaththecover.com/.  He has a phenomenal track record for getting his clients onto the New York Times Best Seller’s list.  so if you’re an author, an aspiring author, a business owner that would like to bring some new ideas to market, or simply interested in this subject, I recommend checking out the site.  Here’s a link to his new ebook which is practically free… Brand Strategy 101.

Geopolitical & Macroeconomic Events

It is probably obvious to most who have eyes to see that a time of increased tribulation is coming.  We’ve been warning about this for a few years, but the “shaking” is increasing and is on course to become very intense.  This rift with Russia will only grow larger and could very easily grow into a schism that tears apart the fragile facade of Western prosperity.

If you have money in the stock or bond markets at this point, you are playing a dangerous game.  I shared with our newsletter readers almost a year and a half ago that I thought the stock market would be up over the next year and it certainly has.  It could go higher in the near future (and probably will until something dramatically negative happens).  But that dramatically negative event is much closer now.  I’d like to put out a post soon on market valuations, but this really isn’t about that.  There are many boulders balanced on the edge of a cliff and the people that got us into all of these messes are doing their best to keep them stabilized as the wind picks up.

The only question is…at what point does the wind blow so hard that these enormous boulders come crashing down on us?  I don’t know the answer to that, but it does feel like we’re getting close.  Perhaps this will be another year of tumultuous change?  Either way, I think it’s a good time to prepare yourself both financially and far more important, spiritually.  This is a wonderful time to live in if our security is in the Lord.  These times will test that very question.

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