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Today, it’s finally time to discuss Financial Products.  We’ve been discussing Christian Financial Advice and the ways we work with clients here at Kingdom Calling from our offices in Austin, Texas.  We first introduced the Your Fruitful Tree process and why it’s important to know your Purpose here. We then explained the importance of starting where you are. On Monday, we discussed the Headwinds & Hurricanes that must be prepared for and overcome, and on Tuesday, we discussed Crafting a Plan specific to you.    Christian Financial Advice should be more than a cookie cutter can offer, so today we look at combining everything that’s come before and fitting financial products into the financial plan that you’ve created.

A financial product is only good or bad when looked at with respect to how it fits together with what you are trying to accomplish and the ways in which each financial product interacts with the other financial products that you are employing.

What products should you place your money in?

Now that you…

1)      Know your Purpose,

2)      Have clearly defined the Place where you are so that you and we both know it,

3)      Know what to Prepare and Protect your family from, &

4)      Have an action plan for how to move forward

You’re ready to look at which products fit into your life and are right for you.  We are here to help you with a variety of product solutions.  We do not offer securities through the Your Fruitful Tree process as we believe most of them are far too risky for most of our clients.  Instead, we focus on products that are much safer and offer much more value to you and your family.

All of the economic and life events can be both prepared for and positively exploited without sending your money to Wall Street.  And we would argue, your stewardship can be handled much more efficiently, safely, and productively than the ways Wall Street has convinced most Americans to use.

We are not beholden to any one company but represent many, many different companies.  Any time we find a company that which offers a product that might fit the plan of one of our clients, we work with them to bring it to you.

Let’s give some examples.  We’ve hinted at 10-15 products that we discuss with our clients when going through the Your Fruitful Tree process, however, we won’t cover them all in this post.  What we will do is pick out 3 ideas that most people aren’t using today, but which many should be…

1)      Your Family Bank – Are you stuck keeping your money in bank that pays you zero or near zero interest which is simultaneously taking on enormous risk with their own balance sheets which could end up destroying itself?  Sure, if this happens, the FDIC should step in and bail them out (although have you ever looked at the FDIC’s balance sheet which implies zero ability to handle a big bank meltdown?)  Ok, so you’ve got your money with which is taking on enormous risk with your money and paying you practically nothing for the risk they’re forcing on you.  What can you do?

Ever thought of creating your own banking system?  We’re not talking about starting an actual brick and mortar bank.  There’s a much easier way to use the same concepts of banking without all the risk, but for much more profit than you’re receiving today.  You actually own the program and you decide how big the profits are.  You utilize a product that has a 100 year track record of positive dividends which gives you ownership control.  Even if you never use the banking features you’ll make much more than you would on your money in any bank and the growth comes with tax advantages.  This is also an incredible method for people to use who are trying desperately to get out of debt.  This system gives you the control!

2)      Guaranteed Roll Up Towards Lifetime Income – If you have money in the bank earning zero or money in the market which is up and down but over the long haul not really performing for you, and you know you are going to live off this money in your later years, shouldn’t you seek out an opportunity to safely and in a guaranteed fashion, grow your principal by 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10%? You can certainly take advantage of exactly these rates and a different one might be more appropriate for you depending on your situation.  These probably aren’t appropriate for a 20 year old due to time limitations, but for most of our clients, it make sense to lock in some strong rates over a long period of time to ensure a lifetime income that is guaranteed to come as long as you live.

Each of the above situations would do extremely well in a deflationary depression or continued Slog situation like we’ve been experiencing.  They would also do well if the economy turns up and all the grey skies brighten.  Depending on the severity of the inflation, these might do good, fine, not so great, or be downright terrible.  This is why we think it only makes sense to mix in the following types of products…

3)      Stock Market Booms, Without the Busts – What if you could get up to 13, 15, or 17% when the stock market rises without having to suffer through massive stock market crashes?  By holding money in this way, you would have trounced the market over the past decade.  Most people who are in the stock market have seen their accounts go up and down for the last 12 years, but find themselves in exactly the same position (or worse) than they were 12 years ago.  Whereas if you had been in this product over that time, you would have solid 6 or 7% gains because you would have locked in the market gains and paused while the rest of the world suffered losses, only to lock gains in again when everyone else was simply trying to catch back up to zero.

If you have this product working for you, you are cheering when the stock market gamblers are cheering, and quietly grinning at your prudence when they are moaning.  Meanwhile, your friends who think they are conservative and are busy earning nothing at the bank, are knocking on your door, trying to find out how you’re making such solid gains without the risk.  Oh, and did we mention the tax advantages to putting your money to work here?  It’s definitely something to consider.

4)      Optimal Cash – There is a money that was here before the US Dollar was invented, and will be here long after it’s gone.  There is a money that always works no matter where you are in the world.  And if the worst happens, and your US Dollars become worth much less (or worthless?), this money will become worth so much it will probably make up for all your losses and then some.  It is absolutely foolish to not own this money today with everything that is going on the world.  Most of your friends are taking on enormous risk without even realizing it.  Don’t allow that to be you.  Secure your future!

These ideas should give you a powerful glimpse into some of the strategies and products we help people to employ.  The last two products mentioned will probably do fairly well in deflation, continued slog, or good times, but would do better or even excel if we experience inflation or hyperinflation.

We think it’s most prudent to prepare for any and every situation that has a significant chance of happening, but this is your process, and you should plan your own stewardship method.  We’re simply here to walk you through the process.  However you move forward, you’ll have a good idea of the risks and a plan to help you achieve all your hopes and dreams without being derailed by headwinds and hurricanes!

What’s stopping you from reaching out and scheduling a free, no obligation consultation to see the Your Fruitful Tree process would be valuable to you and your family?  Send us a note today at wes@kingdomcalling.com.

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