Build Your Financial House on Rock Symposium

financial-workshopOur next workshop is right around the corner!

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Date: Wed, May 12th
Time: 7:30pm
Location: TMTA Bldg, 700 E. 11th Street, Austin, TX 78701

Perhaps you’ve noticed the crazy environment we live in is getting crazier? More earthquakes. A volcano blast that shut down Europe. The European bond market blowing up. These are still all early warning signs of what is to come…what we’ve been telling you about. The Coming Storm will change most everything in your life. I realize that it’s going to be more dramatic than I can imagine, but I don’t think I can scream loud enough to make you aware of just how tumultuous this season will be. Of course, the most important thing that is happening is spiritual. The opportunity to KNOW the Lord will come as never before for those who can truly give themselves completely to Him! However, the economic and financial impact will be devastating. There are precautions that you can take, however. I’m not going to lie and tell you that with the right precautions that you can sit this one out. There will be no escaping this storm. However, somewhat similarly horrid economic times have occurred many times throughout the history of the world and certain things provide stability in these crazy times. This event will discuss strategies that you can implement to provide stability for yourself, your family, and your neighbor no matter what comes in the season ahead.

At this event, we will…

1) Describe the looming dangers in the economic environment that we currently face and the chain of events that is sure to drastically change your standard of living. (We won’t go into incredible detail here because we’ve done this in a couple events already, but we will touch on some main points and discuss new indicators that you might not be hearing much about in the news.) If you’d like to learn more details about these economic dangers, you can watch the Coming Storm video for free online by going here.

2) Teach you how Gold & Silver work. What position they have held historically. How they respond in difficult times. What are the safe ways to keep savings in them and what are the very risky (foolish?) ways to save or invest in them. Under what conditions to they go up or down? They’ve risen a lot in the last decade, does this mean they are now sure to fall or do they have much higher to go? After 8 months of reading all I could on this subject (thousands of pages of info), I will serve you a condensed version of the most important things for you to know about gold and silver.

3) Show you the most efficient way to grow your Dollar Savings. The banking system is about to collapse. The FDIC has had to open three huge new offices because they don’t have enough staff to close down all the bankrupt banks yet. But we live in a country that uses the US Dollar, so how can we keep our Dollars safe and growing in this environment? We’ll show you an unorthodox way to use Whole Life insurance to protect and grow your US Dollars. We’ll show you why the banks park billions of their reserves into these policies while telling you it’s a bad idea for you to do so. We’ll show you how to use a policy to retain the bank profits that you are currently paying out to your bank.

4) Show you how to implement a system of strategies that will outperform your current methods whether the economy improves, goes into a deflationary depression, or experiences hyperinflation of the US Dollar. Imagine if the food you eat, the gas you travel on, and everything else you buy would increase in price by a factor of 10. Do you have a plan to handle the cost of everything you buy increasing like that? We will help you build one!

Again, I don’t want to act like this workshop will be a magic pill that will save you from any troubles while everyone else goes through them. But there is a measure of stability that can be maintained (assuming the history of the world is guidance for this time). There are ways to protect what you’ve spent your lifetime building (which will otherwise disappear). We offering this and other Free events to help you prepare. I hope you can make it.

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