Mission Trip Israel – The Hospital: Part 2

The Body of Christ came out!

The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

We hadn’t done any mission work, nor spent any of our vacation in the city where the hospital was, so we knew no one.  However, word spread and one by one (or two, or three) they came to offer their help and prayers.

We also had the advantage of a prayer team already established back home due to the mission trip.  Once word got back that we were there, the news spread to many other believers and churches.  We must have had thousands praying for us across many different churches.

We would thank those that came to offer help, bring snacks, play worship music, and pray with us for coming.  Several of them, said, “Oh no, thank you!  The presence of God is strong here. It’s an honor to come visit you here and be in His presence!”  So this was the scene: there was a lot of panic back home due to the unknown, but although we were in pain, we were quietly resting with our Heavenly Father.

Early on, I would have lots of fever spikes where I would shiver uncontrollably under five blankets and sweat all at the same time.  The skin regulates body temperature, so mine was all out of whack.  Glenn was really beating himself up over this incident.  He couldn’t believe that we forgave him.  He couldn’t forgive himself.  We told him that we forgave him early on, but he couldn’t accept this.  Later Kara and I did struggle with forgiving him at times, not understanding how this mistake could be made.  But we overcame this desire of the enemy to fracture us and truly forgave him.  About half way through our trip, we had to bring it up to him again because Glenn wasn’t healing in the miraculous fashion that we were.

We talked and prayed with him to make sure he knew we forgave him and begged him to forgive himself and accept God’s healing.  The physical manifestation of this was that his blood sugar was spiking.  He finally let go of blame, and then he began to see the rapid healing that I was experiencing.

So let’s talk about that.

I was healing amazingly quickly.  This is perhaps the most experienced burn hospital in the world and these nurses and doctors see many burn patients every single day.  They know exactly how quickly such things heal, but God had other plans.  Each time the nurses would take off my bandages and the doctors would examine me, they would all be shocked at how much I had healed in the previous day.

One of the doctors asked me one time what I was praying for as he took blood from me.  I told him that I was praying that the blood would give accurate results and this test would help in our healing.  We prayed constantly and we had a great prayer team!  So a few days later when this same non-believing Jewish doctor saw how much I had healed, he told me, “Your prayers are working!”

In the end, we didn’t need the skin grafts which we had been told we would need.  God healed us totally and completely.

Continued tomorrow….

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