Kingdom Calling vs Financial Advisors: God First

by Wes Bridel on March 25, 2009

in Calling, Introduction to Kingdom Calling

Financial Advisors will often say they are customizing a plan to you, but really have a one size fits all model that

At Kingdom Calling, we examine how the pieces of your life fit together to create your unique calling
At Kingdom Calling, we examine how the pieces of your life fit together to create your unique calling

they plug you into based upon your age and how you answer a simple “risk tolerance” questionnaire.

KC: So what is risk tolerance? And what’s your individual level of it? Two years ago, many people you asked would have told you they were risk tolerant. Certainly, things have changed and today, if you ask the same question, you would get a completely different answer. Many people are tolerant of “risk” until they lose money, then they don’t like risk so much. Who does?

Kingdom Calling focuses first and foremost on where God is calling you. How can we make any other financial decisions until we first look at what God is calling you to do in your life? Unless you’re extremely lucky, any decisions divorced from your calling from God will likely be misguided and lead you down the improper path. So we start where it makes sense.

If God is calling you to sell everything today and move to Africa to be a missionary, than you probably don’t need our help. But most people we talk to know that they are supposed to do the best they can with their money so that they can serve Him better and give more generously in the areas that He’s calling them to. This looks completely different for each couple/person, so we must get clear on this before trying to fit financial products or strategies to you.

Does that make sense? Can you see now why Kingdom Calling is so different from the typical financial advisors?

We’d love to hear what you have to say.

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