Kingdom Calling vs. Financial Advisors: Building Glass Ceilings

My years as a traditional financial advisor, before I questioned the status quo and began focusing on stewardship, taught me a lot. One of the most salient things I gleaned in those years was that fact that your standard financial advisor can’t, over time, really help you out-perform the market. But they may well help you under-perform the market. In fact that outcome is far more likely.

Do you feel like you're not going to make your dreams a reality?

Do you feel like you're not going to make your dreams a reality?

I also realized that when you’ve acquired “enough” assets to reach your current “goals,” financial advisors will routinely encourage you to be less efficient moving forward. They won’t tell you this, of course, but that’s typically what their recommended course of action “says.” So one of the great products that a relationship with a financial advisor can offer you – is a shiny new glass ceiling for you, your money and your dreams.

On the other hand, Kingdom Calling teaches you how to be successful in multiple areas of production, most of which are outside of the market. At times there are good opportunities in the stock markets, but for most people they are tantamount to legalized gambling.

One of the fundamental principles we focus on at Kingdom Calling is “predictability.” Most people think that to get predictable, you have to settle for 2-3% return. Such is true only when you are letting the financial institutions take the big profits for handling your money instead of handling it yourself. There are many opportunities outside the markets that provide a better rate of return and less risk – opportunities that are designed to actually let you outperform the market – not just mimic or fall short of it.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss giving, or not giving your assets to the control of financial institutions.

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