Kingdom Calling vs. Financial Advisors: Forfeiting Your Power

I feel sorry for most of the common people I hear about who have lost wealth, lost their way, or both in the financial storm we’re currently weathering.

You are your best ally

You are your best ally

“Why cry for those whose fault it is?” I’ve been asked. Certainly these people were at fault.

One can throw blame upon many right now, and that’s not my goal. What’s more important is what has been lost. And I’m not talking about money. That’s easy enough to get back. The worst thing that happened to those who followed the direction of a financial advisor to their present state, is their forfeit of power and self-direction.

This forfeit occurred the first time money and trust were handed to a financial advisor. Which is why the FA/client model is such a bad idea. It teaches you to follow others and their direction, not you and yours.

Kingdom Calling teaches you to be a wise steward capable of making your own decisions. You are responsible. Although we care deeply about your family (and prefer losing our own money to you losing yours), we will never care as much about your family as you do. That should make sense, right?

Scripture calls for each of us to be a responsible steward. We help you grow into that, and then are there alongside you every step of the way to provide counsel to you, not tell you what to do. Thus you are equipped to make the best possible decisions.

Next we’ll talk about the unnatural “cap” that financial advisors put on their clients possible success.

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