Kingdom Calling vs. Financial Advisors: Trying to Predict the Future

Kingdom Calling cannot and does not try to predict the future.

Trying to predict the financial future can be misleading

Trying to predict the financial future can be misleading

If you’re working with a financial advisor that does, it’s probably time for you to question your direction.

Instead, Kingdom Calling tries to plan for every contingency while focusing on maximizing the efficiency of your plan. By doing so, we are able, in most cases, to grow your wealth far beyond what any financial advisor considers possible.

Kingdom Calling focuses on Cash Flow and Velocity, as opposed to Hoarding. In doing so, we employ the same effective growth strategy employed by the wealthy and most successful financial firms (those who practice sound principles), while simultaneously staying true to the word of God.

Financial planning is really quite simple: plug-in an assumed rate of return, inflation percentage, number of years until your retirement or goal, and an assumed amount of money you will “need” at that time. Then leather-bind the 200 page plan so it looks weighty, important and worth the price.

The problem with this method? How do you know what ROR you’ll get? (You don’t) How do you know what inflation will be? (You don’t) How do you know when you’ll want to retire? (That could change) And why wait as long as your financial advisor tells you you’ll have to until you start living the life you want? (You shouldn’t) How do you know how much money you will “need” in the future? (You can’t)

Not even one of these variables is predictable. Which means the formula is bunk. I used to be a traditional financial advisor and would hand people plans like this and tell them it would not come true. The best thing about doing so is that it caused people to realize they should be saving more. Most people don’t save enough. But causing you to save more (although more valuable than most realize) is the most potent thing the typical financial advisor can do for your benefit.

And all the while – you become dependent on an “expert.” And that’s a problem we’ll address next time.

So get someone to join us tomorrow for that.

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