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Let’s talk about our spiritual walk for a moment. Because of the ease of our lives and the fact that we grew up in a supposedly Christian society, many American Christians go through life thinking that because Jesus is their Savior, they are going to Heaven when they die and can then check that box off. It’s as good as done. You’re in.

Focusing on the Now: The key to both your spiritual walk and your finances

Focusing on the Now: The key to both your spiritual walk and your finances

But Christ never says this. In fact, He speaks constantly about the Kingdom of Heaven being at hand…Now! He teaches that we are supposed to draw near to Him and that as we do this, we will be transformed by the renewing of our mind. That we will more and more come to resemble Him and come to know our Father in Heaven. That we should and will actually usher in the realities of Heaven to Earth. And He’ll do it right now.

And so by taking responsibility for our spiritual walk now and focusing intently on it, we’ll experience an ever growing Heavenly reality on this earth. On top of this, the Heaven that we experience later will be far greater due to this focus on the Kingdom of Heaven now.

This parallel is important. Very important. What we focus on now, with God’s grace and guidance, increases. It’s important in each of our spiritual walks, and it’s important in stewarding our financial resources (and every other resource). The idea that we should just put our money in the hands of someone else and not worry whether it goes up or down because we’re in it for the long haul, is a direct dereliction of responsibility.

So what should you do with your money?

That answer presently.

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