What are the Principles of the Kingdom?

Is it possible that God made this world using universal laws or principles that govern everything around us?  I believe so.  Sometimes these principles are invisible and quite easy to miss.  Yet they are so powerful that they govern nature, people, relationships….everything.

Harnessing the power of this wisdom can bring about unbelievable blessings into every area of our life.  But is this well of wisdom one that you can simply come forth and drink from?

No.  But if you study and seek  the Lord in the areas He calls you, you’ll notice some amazing principles that ring true across the full spectrum of life.  And as you apply these things to your life, you’ll find that amazing things occur.

Some of the information that we’ll be sharing will be in the form of hard, cold economic realities – important information about how to make our money work better for us.  At other times, we’ll be sharing how this world works.  The difference between the natural world and the spiritual world and where we, as individuals, fit into it.

But most excitingly, in the weeks to come we’ll share, and mine for those nuggets of wisdom so powerful that they seem to apply in any situation, and make every area of our lives better.  We pray for more and more of these Truths.

Will you join us for this?  Take a moment to share this with anyone else that you think might like to be a part of this.  Tomorrow, we talk miracles.

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